The Best Meat Restaurants in Koriyama -Juicy Meat Dishes Will Be Waiting to Meet You-

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The Best Meat Restaurants in Koriyama

Juicy Meat Dishes Will Be Waiting to Meet You

Perfect Places to Eat and Party!!
These restaurants offer SPECIAL DINNERS that would be perfect for not only ENKAI Parties with Close Friends, but also Celebrations for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Try their excellent meaty dishes and be energetic!.

Oshokuji-dokoro Ashibi

Special Dinner Set Only on Fridays
Enjoy Both Pork Cutlet and Japanese Dumplings at Once!

Ashibi offers dinner sets that mainly come with meaty dishes and cuisines that make you full of energy. They are all voluminous enough for big eaters. Each comes with rice, soup, kobachi (small portion dish), and pickled vegetables! Choose the rice size from Mini-mori (extra small) to O-mori (extra-large). Be ready to wait for a bit because they start cooking each dish carefully after taking orders. Also, sauces are homemade with least chemical additives. Once you eat, you will notice their careful work. Even if you and your stomach are tired of eating out, you can enjoy their comfort foods at this place. Try their delicious homey dishes that would touch your heart.

Stamina Katsu Teishoku (Pork Cutlet Set): 990 JPY (Tax Excluded)

Stamina Katsu Teishoku (Pork Cutlet Set)

This dish is offered on a first-come first-served basis. Looks like a pork cutlet, but tastes and smells like Japanese dumplings. Since it is difficult to store for a long time, they prepare it for the day in the morning. The cutlet is made from a mixture of shredded cabbage, garlic chives, and minced pork. After shaping, wrapping with fat back slices, and coating with bread crumbs, they deep fry the shaped meat mixture. Break it with chopsticks and enjoy the crispy outside along with the juicy meat inside. Make your own dip sauce with vinegar, soy sauce, and chili oil just like Japanese dumplings. Many repeat customers visit for this dish because of the pristine umami taste of ingredients created by using its own residual heat to avoid over cooking.

Sumi-Shubo Kibunya Konosuke (Izakaya Restaurant)

Delightful Dishes Cooked by a Charcoal Grill Iron Chef with Deep Knowledge of Ingredients
Try their specialties ― excellent eggs and chickens.

Konosuke proudly offers authentic charcoal grilled chicken and dishes made from locally produced special grade eggs. This homey Japanese-style Izakaya restaurant is highly recommended by local customers. Their ramen noodles and lunch meals that include only Friday’s Oyako-don (chicken and egg over rice) are popular too. They change their menu depending on what they get. So just visit and see what you will get. Also, their sweet stuff such as Crème Brulee and French Toast are amazing. Lots of quality eggs are used for them. If something appeals to you at this place, just go for it!

Tori no Sumi-yaki (Charcoal Grilled Chicken cooked on teppanyaki griddle): 580JPY (Tax Excluded)

Tori no Sumi-yaki (Charcoal Grilled Chicken cooked on teppanyaki griddle)

When you visit Konosuke, make sure to order this one. The chicken chunks are charcoal grilled on high heat, so they are cooked from inside by infrared rays, which makes perfect crispy outside and hot juicy inside.

Sumi-Shubo Kibunya Konosuke (Izakaya Restaurant)

Since it is served on a skillet, your food should be kept hot until you finish eating. Aromatic smoke and smell of charcoal can be a great part of this dish. Once you bite the nice chewy chicken, you will know its wild umami taste that is different from the deliciousness of yakitori. Tastes excellent as it is, but great with yuzu kosho (paste seasoning made from citrus yuzu pepper salt). Hope you will enjoy and share the freshly grilled hot chicken with friends!

Tori no Sumi-yaki (Charcoal Grilled Chicken cooked on teppanyaki griddle)

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen Butaboshi

New Item Has Been Added This Winter! You Won’t Ever Overlook the Meat.

This is a specialty restaurant of Tonkotsu Miso Ramen and Tsukemen※1. Their noodles are made by being inspired by the soup noodles of “Jiro”※2. As they follow its style, even their namimori (standard size) is served topped with a mountain of veggies, and ordering toppings is said to sound like some kind of spell. Their flat nice chewy Gyaku-giri noodles※3 catch the rich soup very well. The tasty pork bone-based soup is made from their “homemade awase miso” that is a mixture of aka-miso※4 and shiro-miso※5and pork bone broth created for the mixed miso seasoning. Flip over the veggies and noodles, which is called “Tenchi-gaeshi”, and keep it delicious without making noodles soggy until you finish your meal.

※1. Pork bone-based miso soup ramen noodles and dipping noodles
※2. A legendary ramen shop in Tokyo
※3. Noodles made by thinly cutting thicker flatten noodle dough than normal one
※4. Reddish(dark) brown miso, which is fermented for a longer period than shiro-miso. Contains more salt but has more flavor. Popular in Tohoku area.
※5. Pale-colored miso. Fermented for a shorter period than aka-miso. Tastes mild and less salty.

Butamashi N’ Nikumiso Gachi-mori Miso Ramen: 980 JPY (Tax Excluded)

Butamashi N’ Nikumiso Gachi-mori Miso Ramen

Two slices of about 2 cm thick Chashu (roast pork) are topped on this noodle soup. These thick pork slices have a strong presence as well as the veggie mountain, and tons of slightly chili-hot Nikumiso (fried ground meat seasoned with miso) is topped over them.
The thick noodles catch the creamy sweet and chili-hot soup very well, and give you a stronger flavor of flour than that of thin noodles which are light and easy to eat.


The sweetness of veggies goes very well with the chili hot flavor of Nikumiso and soup. Also, crumbly tender chashu brings out the goodness of nice chewy noodles in a different way from nikumiso. This one is so much value for money, and it’s better than ordering extra toppings on their standard miso ramen.


Black or White? Whichever It Is, The Fry Definitely Makes You Fly!!

Would you like some Japanese style fried chicken, kara-age? Now it is becoming internationally popular. They offer special item that includes KINBOSHI’s specialties, such as some pieces of “Black” kara-age seasoned with local made soy sauce, Nakamura Shoyu, and “White” kara-age which is mildly seasoned with salt and their special seafood broth, along with their popular onion rings. Indulge yourself into the box of tasty chicken fries.

Dodeka Chicken Party Box (Gigantic kara-age chicken party box)

10 Pieces Box: 890 JPY
20 Pieces Box: 1790 JPY

This image shows 20 Pieces Box.
Dodeka Chicken Party Box (Gigantic kara-age chicken party box)

Kara-age chicken in this bucket box is super huge since it is as big as 2 to 3 pieces of standard size! Crispy onion rings come with chicken fries. You don’t want to miss this super popular combo. Pick from 10, 20, or 30 Pieces Box.

Dodeka Chicken Oudoburu (Banquet Platter)

30 Pieces: 2,690 JPY

Dodeka Chicken Oudoburu (Banquet Platter)

The moment you remove the lid, the beautifully placed fries would make you happy. Just put it right at the center of your table. No need to prep, and so easy to clean up! Their chickens are fried twice, so the outside is so crispy, and soft and juicy even after they get cooled since they are marinated well. With these super yummy fries, be happy and make your party unforgettable.

Yamazaki Original Location is situated close to Koriyama Police Station.

Asahi Beer-En Fukushima Motomiya-ten (Beer Brewery Restaurant)

Go and Get Your Meat with the Freshest Beer at Brewery Restaurant!

“Asahi Beer Fukushima Kojo” has one of the largest beer productions in Japan, and it boasts about 240,000 sqm (60 acres) factory site! At this factory, beer products to be sold for Tohoku area are being brewed. Their free factory tour (needs to be booked in advance) offers you 3 glasses of their freshest beer for tasting, including Asahi Super Dry. Visit their beer restaurant, “Asahi Beer-En Motomiya-ten”, and you can enjoy their finest beer brewed at the factory along with Jingisukan (Japanese grilled lamb or mutton), or Shabushabu (thin meat slices hot pot). From weekday lunch meals to large group parties, their service is widely available.

Pork Chop Koso Grill (Grilled Herb Pork Chops): 1,280 JPY (Tax Included)

Pork Chop Koso Grill (Grilled Herb Pork Chops)

This place offers various menu items, such as a la carte dishes, all-you-can-eat dishes and set meals. The menu content includes: salad as an appetizer, light snacks, pastas, stir-fry noodles, cute looking sweets, kids set meal (for preschoolers only), etc.
For the “Pork Chop Koso Grill (Grilled Herb Pork Chops)”, pork ribs are carefully marinated with rosemary and garlic. As a popular American staple, it is simple, but tastes excellent with a great spice of rosemary.

Cafe de Viet Nam Sawagami Shoten

Eat Up Their Fantastic Nutritious Soup Meal Until It Is All Gone!
Indulge into the Sweetness of Veggies and Meat with Great Umami Flavor.

Amongst the downtown Koriyama, this cafe looks like a secret place and makes you feel like you are in Vietnam. While the authenticity is being kept, extra efforts are made for offering dishes that fit Japanese people’s mouths. Actually, hot pot meals are more popular in Vietnam than in Japan. They say, whether in summer or winter, they enjoy eating hot pot.
The good balanced ingredients include: lots of veggies such as lettuce and moyashi sprouts, seafood such as shrimp and shellfish, beef (aitchbone produced in Fukushima), pork (Yamato-buta), chicken, and mushrooms. Very voluminous and nutritious. Start to plan a South Asian food party for friends, or coworkers.

Lauhoa / Thai Suki (For 3 people)

4,400 JPY (Tax included) for 1 person

Lauhoa / Thai Suki (For 3 people)

Hot pot is replaceable to Tom Yum Goong with extra 500 JPY.

Tom Yum Goong ↓

Tom Yum Goong

“Thai Suki” is Thailand’s original hot pot invented by being inspired from Japanese hot pot dishes, such as Shabushabu and Sukiyaki. Bring the chicken broth soup in the pot into boil, and gently put a slice of meat dipped in a beaten egg in advance into the soup.

Lauhoa / Thai Suki

Lauhoa / Thai Suki

You don’t want to spoil the egg coating, so don’t dunk it into the soup like when you do for Japanese shabushabu. Pour the hot pot sauce in a small bowl and add the same amount of soup. Now you can start eating Thai Suki in the same way as when eating sukiyaki.

Lauhoa / Thai Suki

For SHIME (final dish), add rice or pho.



Tori-gara Dashi no Shiro Soup (Chicken broth white soup)
This one tastes mild and easy to eat, which is perfect for those who are not familiar with chili-hot South Asian food. The sauce made from oyster sauce, chili sauce, tamarind, etc. is sour and sweet. Even after boiling at high heat, the meat slices are tender and shrimps keep their nice crunchy texture. It warms up every part of your body including finger tips.

Tori-gara Dashi no Shiro Soup (Chicken broth white soup)

Tom Yum Goong no Aka Soup (Tom Yum Goong Red Soup)
The chili-hot soup would make you addicted. This is the taste for grown-ups! Crush the shrimp’s head first to squeeze out the guts, and put it in the hot soup horizontally from its tail so that the soup gets richer. After the shrimp broth is extracted, add other ingredients into the pot. (Remove the shrimp when it is cooked.)

Tom Yum Goong no Aka Soup (Tom Yum Goong Red Soup)

Tastes hot and sweet, and the refreshing flavor of lemongrass, bai makrut (kaffir lime leaves), and pakchee (fresh coriander) would give you a great feeling of exotic Asian breeze.


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