TOP10 Best Speciality from Koriyama City Fukushima Prefecture 2024!!

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We are pleased to announce the results of a survey of 374 readers of the information magazine “Style Koriyama” in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture! !

The theme is

“What is Koriyama’s specialty?”

Best 1 – 10 (Ranked by number of votes)

1st place “Cream Box”

Cream Box

A traditional bread made with a small loaf of bread coated with condensed milk cream.
Koriyama’s Seoul Sweet Bread has become famous nationwide. The person who applied plenty of cream first has good sense.

Cream Box

2nd place “Carp dishes” (cooked/boiled)

Koriyama has the highest production of carp by municipality in Japan. Fried carp is also popular in school lunches.

Carp dishes

3rd place “Mamador”


A local specialty product made by mixing bean paste with milk and arranging it in the style of a Western confectionery. ♪ Mama’s taste with plenty of milk ~♪ If people who moved this spring can sing this, they are Koriyama natives.

 4th place “Kashiwaya Usukawa Manju”

Kashiwaya Usukawa Manju

One of the three major manjus that represent not only Koriyama but also Japan.A timeless and elegant brown sugar flavor with a history of 160 years

5th place “Rakuo Cafe au lait/Cafe au lait donut”

Rakuo Cafe au lait

It has to be this! Only one coffee milk is popular among many people. The  balance between coffee and milk is divine.

Cafe au lait donut

6th place “Ecussonpie”


A traditional Koriyama sweet made of puff pastry stuffed with red bean paste.When I get home and see it on the kotatsu, I get excited. It goes well with tea and coffee.

6th place “Koriyama Black” (Ramen)

Koriyama Black

Although the soup is pitch black, the ramen has a light flavor.
A beloved, light flavored noodle with a delicious, nostalgic mellow soy sauce flavor that is simmered and rounded.

8th place  “Cabbage rice cake”

Cabbage rice cake

A sweet and salty stir fry of rice cake and cabbage.This is a local SDGs dish that has been eaten for over 80 years and was devised by farmers to avoid wasting cabbage.

9th place “Asakamai”


Miraculous rice made by combining the water of Lake Inawashiro and the soil of Asakano. It’s chewy and chewy and really delicious.

9th place “Squid carrots”

Squid carrots

A dish made with thinly sliced squid and carrots pickled in soy sauce. When you were a kid, did you ever wonder how many carrots were eaten all over the country? I am one of them.

9th place “Green curry”

Green curry

Greeeeen curry that incorporates Koriyama’s specialties can be enjoyed at many Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants in Koriyama City.

9th place “Morning’s Yogurt/Mogu Mogu Yogurt”

Mogu Mogu Yogurt

Yogurt specialty store “Morning” is a delicious yogurt that Koriyama people love. Seasonal sweets are also popular.

Mogu Mogu Yogurt

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