No question!【Local specialties Best 10】in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, as result of the interview there.

Aggregate results of the questionnaire to 506 people in cooperation with readers of Style KORIYAMA announced a below! (The investigation result on December, 2018)

Question : “What is specialty in Koriyama? (Newly come-up OK)

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Here is the ranking you are interested in as below!

1st rank
Cream Box

A local delicacy filled with plenty of milk-flavored cream onto thick sliced bread. Bakeries in Koriyama City make it devised with their own taste and shape.

Cream Box
↑Romio”Cream Box”

2nd rank
Mamadoru “Sammangoku”

“Mummy taste plentiful milk permeated”. As presented with this TV advertisement, the milk taste bean paste is so gently sweet♪


3rd rank
Usukawa-manju (Thin skinned manju) “Kashiwaya”

Featured with very, very thin skin Usukawamanju well-established traditional confectionary shop to represent Koriyama City founded in 1852.


4th rank
Rakuou Cafe au lait / Rakuou soft serve “RAKUOU NYUGYOU”

Soul drink for residents in Fukushima Prefecture, which has got patronage even outside of Fukushima since 1976 when the drink was released.

Rakuou Cafe au lait

Rakuou soft-serve

5th rank
Carp dishes

Koriyama City is one of the leading growing district of carp. There is a framework “Koi ni Koi suru Koriyama Project (Loving carp project)” which encourages the popularity lots of restaurants are now available to serve it.

Carp dishes
Copyright(C)Koriyama City

6th rank
Exon Pie “Sammangoku”

Long-seller baked confectionery sweet bean jam containing walnuts is wrapped by pie pastry.

Exon Pie

7th rank

Japanese confectionary which represents Fukushima Prefecture. Well-established traditional Japanese confectionary shops like Kannoya, Daikokuya, Miyoshido and Kashiwaya produce and sell this.


8th rank
Yoghurt of “Morning YOGURT HOUSE”

Specialized shop which focus on hand-made yogurt sticking to the material since they started the shop for mummy-made sweets.

↑Every kind of yoghurt

Mogu-mogu yoghurt
↑Mogu-mogu yoghurt

9th rank
Rahmen (noodle) (Koriyama Black)

Rahmen with the soup color is so dark much close to black with soy sauce, which you can try in Koryama City including Shoya, Men-ya Shinsei, main restaurant of Tokuchan Rahmen, main restaurant or Daishin restaurant of Masuya and Sumiya.

Koriyama Black
Copyright(C)Koriyama City

10th rank
Ikaninjin (Seasoned sliced dried squid and carrot with soy sauce, Japanese sake and sweet cooking rice wine)

Typical local cuisine in Fukushima Prefecture (Nakadori Street). The main season is late autumn to winter. This can be also snack for drinking thanks to delicious taste the seasoned dried squid is permeated.


They are the answer for local specialties in Fukushima, which you should try!


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