Interview with a Koriyama-native famous actor, Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida【Style Koriyama Special Interview】

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Style Koriyama Special Interview

Interview with a Koriyama-native famous actor, Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida

Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida

●What’s your favorite food in Fukushima?

I love peaches. Fukushima has tons of great food, like rice and fruits. I really respect the effort all the farmers and producers make for them

●What is “Fukushima people” for you?

Well, even in Fukushima, we have differences in characters among people from different areas, such as Hamadori, Nakadori and Aizu. But in general, I think people in Fukushima all have a kind of “spirit of defiance.” That means, in a good way, we try to see the essence of things. At the Boshin War, for example, people in Fukushima tried to face the authority even when they knew they would lose anyway. We are never agitated, trying to be ourselves and to reach after the truth.

●Can you tell us how you feel or felt about the Great East Japan Earthquake?

The disaster we experienced here in Fukushima is not simple. It is just different. We first need to think why we people in Fukushima have had to shoulder such a burden from the disaster.
I am just an actor, and I can only support Fukushima through my acting, but it doesn’t work if only “we” try. It’s a nation-wide problem, a problem of Japan. All of us, people in Fukushima and people in the rest of Japan, need to keep it in mind.

●How do you like our Fukushima promotion video?

I have watched it so many times, and I still watch it, especially when I am tired. You can learn a lot about the current Fukushima. In the NHK BS1 special documentary show “Fukushima TIME/LAPSE, the Great Earthquake Seventh Anniversary Visual Poems,” I always like seeing the brightness of the eyes of the Iwaki-native videographer Mr. Shimizu. His eyes almost look like saying “Fukushima is never defeated!”

●Do you have a favorite Fukushima word?

I like “sasuke-neh.” “Sasuke-neh” means “it’s ok.” or “no problem.” I just like the sound of the phrase itself, as well as its meaning of forgiving people.

●What do you want Fukushima to be in the future?

Fukushima is unique in terms of this disaster experience from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Why don’t we take advantage of this experience, and show our strong minds to the world! It’s “Fukushima Style,” the indomitable spirit of Fukushima people.

●Do you have any messages to the children in Fukushima?

I really hope many of you will contribute to the world in various fields, like science, culture, anything. You all have unlimited possibilities. Maybe some of you might come up with the idea of how to remove radioactivity!

Throughout the ceremony and the press conference, we saw Mr. Nishida’s kindness, compassion and appreciation to the people around him, and also his love of Fukushima. His answers to the questions, both about his acting career and about Fukushima, were all thoughtful, which made us very proud that we have such a wonderful actor from Fukushima.
Mr. Nishida, even past 70, still keeps working on new roles and performances. Let’s wish him for a great success! Thank you, Mr. Nishida!

Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida

February 2019 Style Koriyama coverage

Interview with a Koriyama-native famous actor, Mr. Toshiyuki Nishida


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