Summer Festivals in Fukushima 2019【Schedules and Details】Spectacular Annual Events of Japan

Summer Festivals in Fukushima 2019

Thrilling Japanese Summer Festivals with Traditional Music and Dance Parade
Have Fun with Dynamic Summer Events!

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Festivals List

※Click each title for details.

JULY 7 (SUN) – 8 (MON)
Kishimo Sonshin Reitaisai - Haha to Kodomo no Shugo Taisai (Koriyama City)

Kiuri Tennō-sai (Sukagawa City)

JULY 22 (MON) – 24 (WED)
Aizu Tajima Gion-sai (Minami Aizu Machi)

JULY 24 (WED) – 28 (SUN)
Summer Festa IN KORIYAMA 2019 Beer Matsuri (Koriyama City)

JULY 27 (SAT) – 28 (SUN)
Bandai Matsuri (Inawashiro Machi)

Miharu no Sato Natsu Matsuri 2019 (Miharu Machi)

JULY 27 (SAT), 28 (SUN), 29 (MON)
Soma Nomaoi

AUG 1 (THU) – 3 (SAT)
Koriyama Uneme Matsuri (Koriyama City)

AUG 2 (FRI) – 4 (SUN)
Fukushima Waraji Matsuri (Fukushima City)

AUG 14 (WED)
Karariko Festa 2019 (Kawamata Machi)

AUG 25 (SUN)
Datena Taiko Matsuri (Date City)

2019 Fireworks Shows

Kishimo Sonshin Reitaisai
Annual Festival of Guardian Deity for Mothers and Children (Koriyama City)

Date: JULY 7 (SUN) – 8 (MON)
Time: 10:00am-9:00pm

※Festival will take place, rain or shine.

Koriyama’s summer festivals start with this Kishimo Sonshin Reitaisai [annual festival] on 7th and 8th of July every year. Lots of food stands are set up along the approach to the temple. People who are related to the host temple, Hōgen-ji, enthusiastically demonstrate their performances.

Kishimo Sonshin Reitaisai Annual Festival of Guardian Deity for Mothers and Children (Koriyama City)

Location: Hōgen-ji (Temple)

Tel: 024-932-7634
1-22-3, Sakuta, Koriyama City

Kiuri Tennō-sai [Cucumber Buddhist Deity Festival] (Sukagawa City)

Date: JULY 14 (SUN)

※Festival will take place, rain or shine.

At this festival, it is said that people can stay healthy for a year by offering two cucumbers, taking another cucumber instead of a charm, and eating it. Cucumber is the specialty product of Sukagawa City.

Kiuri Tennō-sai [Cucumber Buddhist Deity Festival] (Sukagawa City)

Location: Taimatsu-dōri, Sukagawa City

Sukagawa Tourism Exchange Division
Tel: 0248-88-9144

Aizu Tajima Gion-sai (Minami Aizu Machi)

Date and Time:
JUL 22 (MON) 11:45am-10:30pm
JUL 23 (TUE) 7:50am-10:30pm
JUL 24 (WED) 1:00pm- 3:00pm

“Aizu Tajima Gion-sai” Regularly Takes Place on 22nd /23rd /24th July Every Year

With 800 years history, this festival is counted as Japan’s one of the three major Gion-sai as well as Kyoto Gion Matsuri. It is also called Doburoku Matsuri or Fuki Matsuri, and has been traditionally protected by their unique regional group system, Otouya Seido. There are currently 9 regional groups called Otouya-gumi, and each of them takes turns handling the event every year. When the turn of Otouya-gumi comes once in 10 years, the previous year’s handler group, “Watashi [transferrer]”, and the following group, “Uketori [transferee]” give a support to hold rituals. These three groups actually take a year to accomplish this big event, including a series of rituals and preparations. Because of the great effort of preserving the traditional folk culture, this festival was designated as an important intangible folk cultural asset in Showa 56 (1981).


Traditional “Kodomo Kabuki (kids classical play)” enthusiastically will be performed at the evening of 22nd and 23rd. Also, the spectacle parade of “Kenka Yatai [fighting floats]” made by four giant floats can be seen. In the early morning of 23rd, “Nana Hokai Gyōretsu [procession with seven ritual containers]” formed by about 30 unmarried women in a traditional wedding costume starts. “Nana Hokai” means seven ritual containers and the procession is also called “Hanayome Gyōretsu [brides procession]”. To see the solemn procession, or to take photos of it, crowds of people including photographers visit this festival. Aizu Tajima Gion-sai is such a gorgeous event.

Kodomo Kabuki (Classical Kabuki Play performed by children)

Aizu Tajima Gion-sai (Minami Aizu Machi)

Kenka Yatai (Fighting Floats)

Aizu Tajima Gion-sai (Minami Aizu Machi)

Nana Hokai Gyōretsu (Traditional Procession)

Aizu Tajima Gion-sai (Minami Aizu Machi)

Location: Tajima District Minami Aizu

Minami Aizu Machi Tourism and Products Association
Tel: 0241-62-3000

Summer Festa IN KORIYAMA 2019 Beer Festival (Koriyama City)

Date: JUL 24 (WED) – 28 (SUN)
Weekday 5:00pm-9:00pm
Weekend 3:00pm-9:00pm
Last orders for food taken at 8:30pm and for drinks at 8:45pm.

One of the Biggest Beer Gardens of Japan at Kaiseizan Park!!
Packed with Stage Performances and Events for Families!

Special events are scheduled, including fireworks display held every night during the festival, Quiz Tournament, En-nichi Fureai Hiroba (food stands and entertainment booths) and Kodomo Land (kids playing zone), etc. Various new cuisines cooked with local brand vegetables are on offer. Also, local food producers provide delicious food made with best selected ingredients.

Summer Festa IN KORIYAMA 2019 Beer Festival (Koriyama City)

◆Advance Ticket 2,500 JPY
(Including Entrance Ticket, Two Beer Tickets, 1,200 JPY Redeem Coupon)
※Beer Price: 600 JPY for one serve
◆One Day Ticket 3,000 JPY
(Including Entrance Ticket, Two Beer Tickets, 1,200 JPY Redeem Coupon)
※Beer Price: 600 JPY for one serve
◆Entrance fee is free for high school students and younger people.

Location: Kaiseizan Kōen Jiyū Hiroba [Kaiseizan Park Free Square] Koriyama City

Summer Festa IN KORIYAMA 2019 Executive Committee
Tel: 024-921-2600

Bandai Matsuri (Inawashiro Machi)

Date: JUL 27 (SAT) – 28 (SUN)

The 71st “Bandai Matsuri” was originally started to commemorate and hold a service for people who had lost their lives by volcanic eruptions of Bandai-san on July 15th Meiji 21 (1889).
This year, the theme has been set as “Prayer and Gratefulness – Two Thoughts to Pray to the Fire”. The festival is to be held for two days, as usual, for commemoration and service for the victims, also to wish for a fruitful harvest and peaceful life in the town.

Bandai Matsuri (Inawashiro Machi)

Bandai Matsuri (Inawashiro Machi)

Location: Omatsuri Hiroba [Festival Square], Chuō-dōri, and some other places around the area, Inawashiro Machi, Maya Gun, Fukushima Prefecture

Bandai Matsuri Executive Committee Office
Tel: 0242-62-2117

Miharu no Sato Natsu Matsuri 2019 [Miharu Town Summer Festival] (Miharu Machi)

Date: JUL 28 (SUN)

Annual Festival, “Miharu no Sato Natsu Matsuri” is to be held at Denen Seikatsu-kan, Miharu no Sato. Special events are scheduled, including: Hand Catching Char, which is very popular among kids, Singing and Dancing Show by the local folks, Japanese Drums Show, Gymnastics Show, Orchestra, Music Live Performance, etc. At food stands, delicious fresh made foods from fried to grilled dishes will be on offer. At the fireworks show at night, a beautiful fireworks view can be seen over Sakura Lake.

Miharu no Sato Natsu Matsuri 2019 [Miharu Town Summer Festival] (Miharu Machi)

Location: Denen Seikatsu-kan, Miharu no Sato

Denen Seikatsu-kan, Miharu no Sato
Tel: 0247-62-8010

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Date: JUL 27 (SAT) – JUL 29 (MON)

About Soma Nomaoi

Soma Nomaoi is an annual cavalry festival held by three shrines: Ota Jinja, Odaka Jinja, Nakamura Jinja, collectively called Soma San-ja, situated in the northeast area of Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. This festival basically consists of five ritual events, starting with the Departure Ceremonies of processions from the three shrines, the Cavalry Procession formed by riders in the costume of Samurai Warrior, the Cavalry Race and Sacred Shrine Flag Catching Cavalry Battle, which are held at Hibari ga Hara Saijō-chi [festival field] (Haramachi-ku, Minami Soma City), and the Wild Horse Chase. About 500 riders in samurai armors get together and compete with each other by riding a horse.
This heroic festival is said to be originated from the military drill on the assumption that wild horses were enemies, which had been started by a forefather of the Soma Clan, Tairano Masakado.
In 1978, Soma Nomaoi was designated as a national Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property, and is currently held every year on the last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of July.

Event Schedule

1. Yoi-nori [riding at dusk] (DAY 1)
After the Departure Ceremonies at the three shrines, each troop of armored attendees leaves for the festival field, forming a cavalry procession. After everyone arrives, they start a horse race called “Yoi-nori”, using traditional harness.

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

2. Hon-matsuri [main festival] (DAY 2)
Day 2 starts with a procession called “Ogyōrestu”. Every armored attendee heads for the festival forming a cavalry procession. Once they arrive, they took off their samurai helmets and wear white headbands, and they go into “Katchū Keiba [Cavalry Race]”. The armored riders fearlessly run horses, with fluttering flags tied on their backs, which looks so magnificent. Also, “Shinki Sōdatsu-sen [flag catching battle]” is extremely spectacular. The riders on horses heroically compete to catch falling sacred shrine flags launched attached to fireworks.

Ogyōretsu [Procession] (Haramachi District)

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Katchū Keiba [cavalry race] (Hibari ga Hara Saijō-chi [festival field])

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Shinki Sōdatsu-sen [sacred shrine flag catching battle] (Hibari ga Hara Saijō-chi)

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Oagari [return procession]

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

3. Noma-kake (DAY 3)
The final sacred event is “Noma-kake [wild horse catching]”. Attendees chase and catch a bareback horse driven to a site of Odaka Shrine to dedicate to the shrine.

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Soma Noma-oi “Hi no Matsuri” [Soma Wild Horse Chase “Fire Festival”] (Odaka-ku, Minami Soma City)

About 4,000 fireworks to be set off

Date: JUL 28 (SUN)
Time: 7:20pm-8:00pm

※Show will be postponed to AUG 31 (SAT) if weather is severe.

“Hi no Matsuri [fire festival]” was originated from the custom of the locals. After the second day’s events during the three-day Soma Nomaoi Festival, people around the area used to see off the warriors who attended the event and carriers of portable shrines. They lit up with lanterns and torches along their way back home from Hibari-ga-Hara Saijō-chi (horse race field), with a respect and hope that they would go home safely. Now at the festival, 2,000 bonfires are lit around the fireworks shooting area, and 4,000 explosive shells that include Ni-shaku Dama (about 60cm/23in explosive shell) and fireworks with music are launched.

Soma Nomaoi [Soma Wild Horse Chase]

Location: Along Maekawa Teibou [Dike Maekawa]
Access by train: 15-minute walk from Odaka Station, JR Jōban Line

(Odaka District, Minami Soma City)

Nationally Designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Date: JUL 29 (MON)
Time: 9:10am

As the essence of Soma Nomaoi, Noma-kake is also called “Age Noma no Shinji”, which means a sacred ritual of horse dedication. At this traditional sacred event, attendees in white costumes run and chase a bareback horse that cavalries drove into a bamboo enclosure set at the site of Soma Odaka Shrine, and catch it with bare hands.

The original style of Nomaoi which was started by the forefather of the Soma Clan, Tairano Masakado, has been kept and passed on until today. This traditional custom of dedicating a living horse to a deity is said to be the origin of ema [picture-horse]. It is a Japanese shrine wood plaque to dedicate to a deity making a wish or prayer, and used to have a picture of horse.

Noma-kake (Odaka District, Minami Soma City)

Location: Soma Odaka Jinja
Access: 15-minute walk from JR Joban Line Odaka Station

Soma Nomaoi Executive Committee
Tel: 0244-22-3064

Koriyama Uneme Matsuri [Festival for an imperial court maid] (Koriyama City)

Date: AUG 1 (THU) – 3 (SAT)

※Event will take place, light rain or shine.

Uneme Matsuri is Koriyama’s biggest festival originated from the story of legend of an Imperial Court Maid, Uneme, in Nara era. Various events include: Uneme Kuyō-sai [memorial service festival], Chibikko Uneme Matsuri [kids festival], Uneme Odorinagashi [dance parade], etc. With beautiful lights of Uneme Lanterns, elaborates event, including the shopping street events, are to be held around Koriyama Ekimae-dōri, attracting crowds of people.

Koriyama Uneme Matsuri [Festival for an imperial court maid] (Koriyama City)

Location: Koriyama Ekimae-dōri, Katahira-machi, and other areas nearby Koriyama Station

Koriyama Uneme Matsuri Executive Committee
Tel: 024-921-2610

Fukushima Waraji Matsuri [straw sandal festival] (Fukushima City)

Date and Time: Evening of AUG 2 (FRI) – 4 (SUN)

The 50th “Fukushima Waraji Matsuri” was started in Showa 45 (1970), and is originated from a traditional Shinto event, Akatsuki Mairi (dedication ritual of a large straw sandal, waraji). The Japanese folk-dance music, “Waraji Ondo” was made by a famous Japanese composer, the late Mr. Yūji Koseki.
This year, Waraji Matsuri is going to be renewed under the conduction of an executive producer, Yoshihide Otomo. He is an excellent multi capable musician who spent his childhood in Fukushima. Based on a scenario that contains folktales related to the festivals in Fukushima, along with the origin and real purpose of Waraji Matsuri, its music, dance, and costumes are integrally reproduced. “Fukushima Ondo (folk-dance music)”, used for festivals held all around Fukushima, has been arranged in a drum ensemble style. The “New Waraji Odori [dance]” will be performed to the composition played by taiko drum corps.

Fukushima Waraji Matsuri [straw sandal festival] (Fukushima City)

Fukushima Waraji Matsuri [straw sandal festival] (Fukushima City)


AUG 2nd / 3rd:
Along Route 13 / Shinobu-dōri / 4F With Motomachi / Front Site of With Motomachi / 2F S-PAL Fukushima

AUG 4th:
Haguro Jinja [shrine] (Waraji Dedication) / Machinaka Hiroba (Nōryō Bon Odori: Traditional Folk-Dance Festival)

Fukushima Waraji Matsuri Executive Committee
Tel: 024-536-5511

Karariko Festa 2019
(Kawamata Machi)

Date: AUG 14 (WED)
Time; 3:00pm-9:00pm

Special events are scheduled for this festival, including Kodomo Bon Odori (Traditional Folk-Dance for kids), Traditional Dance Parade with Kawamata Ondo [folk-dance music] composed by Yūji Koseki, spectacular Fireworks Display performed by Kanno Enka-ten (Fireworks Factory), etc.

Karariko Festa 2019 (Kawamata Machi)

Location: Kawamata Chūou Kōminkan [central public hall]

Kawamata Natsu Matsuri Executive Committee
Tel: 024-565-2377

Datena Taiko Matsuri [Taiko Drum Festival] (Date City)

Date: AUG 25 (SUN)
Time: 9:30am- 9:00pm
Fireworks display starts at 8:45om

※Event will take place, rain or shine, but will be canceled if the weather is severe.

Exciting Annual Taiko Drum Festival Is Back in Date!

Datena Taiko Matsuri [Taiko Drum Festival] (Date City)


★Datena Gourmet Festival ― D-1 Grand Prix (Food Contest)
Delicious Date foods get together and the best of the best Date Food will be chosen!

★The 35th Ryōzen Taiko Matsuri
Enjoy a dynamic performance of the traditional Ryōzen Taiko drum!

Live Performances

●”Yamazaru”-Music artist from Fukushima. Have fun at night live show♪
● “Masaya Mine&Emiko Funayama” - Enka (Japanese Traditional Ballad) singers of Fukushima

Indulge in the world of Enka with their beautiful voices.

Location: Hobara Sōgō Kōen [comprehensive park]

Datena Taiko Matsuri Executive Committee Office
Tel: 024-575-1554

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