Koriyama, Fukushima’s “Onsen (hot spring/ public bath)” feature Yukemuri Road (*Yukemuri: hot spring smoke), A travel journal

Wagon station town, Koriyama, has many sources of hot springs

Koriyama, Fukushima’s “Onsen (hot spring/ public bath)” feature
Yukemuri Road (*Yukemuri: hot spring smoke), A travel journal

Hi, how are you doing? It’s getting chilly these days. It’s about time you start missing Onsen, isn’t it? In this cold weather, why don’t you take a (quick) bath? That said…We, our staff, went to Onsen earlier than YOU! We went to “THE Onsen,” which local people love a lot. Do want to hear how was that? Well, enjoy our travel journal.

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Uneme Onsen



The first bedrock bath in Fukushima! This bedrock bath made by Sobo-seikouseki(a special holystone).

Change our clothes to Yukata, drink water, and now ready to go! Get into a room filled with the aroma of forest, spread a towel on the floor, and just lay down on it! Lie on your stomach for the first 5mins, and then 10mins on your back. You’re going to start sweating in just a sec, but it is not stifling at all. Go back to a lounge and drink water, and repeat that routine several times. After we got out of the bath and showered off our sweat, we felt nice and warm♩Our cheeks were silky smooth, and felt like it lifted up a bit. We recommend taking a bath in a large public bath at the same time♩

Regulars are from all ages, from children to the elderly. This authentic Onsen makes you want to come here as many times as you can.

Here’s an entrance of bedrock bath.↓
Sweating a lot↓

うねめ温泉 岩盤浴

Start sweating up a storm.↑
Coffee milk after bathing↑

You can buy your own yukata and a value book of tickets.


It is close to Uneme-street. We located in a quiet residential area, so you can relax.

Uneme Onsen

Address: Daitokuminami 31-3 Tomitamachi, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture
Fee: Bedrock bath(Ganpanyoku)…800yen per person (towel fee included)
*Additional charge for rental Yukata and rental towel. Ask us about details.
Open hours: Onsen(hot spring) 5am-11pm, Bedrock bath(ganpanyoku) 7am-11pm
*Last entry is at 10pm.

Narita Onsen



luxurious spring source & reasonable price

Naganuma Road, few minuets from Culture Park, Good-old Onsen is a natural hot spring, which flows directly from the source (kakenagashi).If it’s beautiful outside, we recommend taking an outdoor bath (Rotenburo). Once you opened the door to go outside, you can feel crisp air with your warmed up body. It’s like peace of heaven once you soaking in Onsen. Stones are spread all over the bottom of bathtub to help you to ease your body’s stiffness by kneading the pressure points on feet. You’ll be impressed with your smooth skin while listening to the sound of the breeze.

The water of this Onsen is a simple alkaline foundation. Also, we have a golf driving range and a beer garden close to our place. We also have a staying plan and a banquet plan for you. You can choose the best plan for you. luxurious spring source & reasonable price. Koriyama is used to be a wagon station town, so we have a judgment free atmosphere here.



Recommend for 2-6 people♩
Only on weekdays. “Lunch in a private room” is 15groups per day.
It’s a private room, you can feel very at ease here.
*Please make sure that you make a reservation by 5pm of the day before.
(The lunch on this picture is “Shunsai Hiruzen” 1650yen)

↓Anyone can try. Try checking your blood pressure for free!

なりた温泉 浴室
↑Many choose to drink milk after taking a bath
↑Feeling the good old days of Japan in this hotel (Ryokan).

Narita Onsen

なりた温泉 店舗

Address: Kurumagawara 27, Asakamachi Narita, Kōriyama-shi, Fukushima Prefecture
Fee: 540yen for 1hour bath. Ask us about details.
*Additional charge for rental Yukata and rental towel. Ask us about details.
Open hours: 6am-11pm

Koriyama Onsen



You can enjoy Onsen hopping for various kinds of onsen.

Go straight south on Ataka-dori (Kendo #6 line) from Koriyama city. You’ll see a signboard right after you passed through Tohoku Expressway. The sign “Turn Right & Large Parking” will serve as a landmark for you.

You can enjoy Large public bath, outdoor bath, Neyu (lie-down bath), Utase-yu (open-air bath), and infrared sauna in here♩ How gorgeous to take outdoor bath in this glorious autumnal day! The panoramic view from a large public bath makes you feel a sense of spaciousness. Even it’s 100% natural hot spring, the fees are at a good price. Let’s eat lip-smacking treats. We have a lunch box called “Matsukado-bento” and we use vegetables, which our staff grew with great care. We use seasonable vegetables in the bento (lunch box). Banquet, Staying, Day-use hot springs…choose your best option!


郡山温泉 浴槽

I totally agree with regulars saying, “Hotter does not necessarily mean better!” The good point of this sauna is that it isn’t that hot to stay in. Your warmed-up body still will be warm even if you’re in outside♩


↑Cafe au lait after taking a bath♩

This Onsen maintains regulars health. Please bring your shampoo and body wash with you! We also sell those at the reception desk.

Koriyama Onsen

郡山温泉 店舗

Address: Nishikatsunoki 38-1, Otsukimachi, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture
Fee: 400yen for adults (junior high school students and older)/90mins
Open hours: 9am-9pm for Day-use Onsen
*Use Private room and hall are extra. Ask us for more details.

*All information on here may change. We kindly ask for your understanding.



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